Bethany Church

What To Expect

Welcome to Bethany Church

Thanks for visiting our site and for giving us the opportunity to help you live the life Jesus came to give you! God has great things in store for all of us as we connect with Him, learn to trust Him, and receive His greatness into our lives.
Here at Bethany Church, we are dedicated to helping you receive every bit of the greatness God has planned for you! Make yourself at home and, if you need any additional information or help, please get in touch with us.
If you live in the Northern New Jersey or New York City area, we invite you to attend any of our weekly services sometime soon. Or if you’re passing through in your travels, come visit us! We’d love to show you some NJ hospitality! You’ll love our passionate praise, the practical teaching, and most importantly, God’s powerful presence that changes our lives continually!

– Don and Donna James

What should I expect when I come to Bethany?

If you’re checking out Bethany for the first time, you can expect a warm friendly place open to people from all different stages of life and different ethnic backgrounds. We’re not concerned about where you’ve been but where you’re going. Our goal is to make you feel welcome from the moment you first pull into our parking lot. When you enter the building, you’ll find greeters available to help you find your way. If you have children, our greeters will direct you to our Sunday Small Groups or Kids Church where our volunteers will help you find the appropriate place(s) for them. Upon entering the sanctuary, you’ll be greeted by a Bethany usher who will help you find a seat. The Information Center is also available before, during, and after each service to help with any other questions you may have about Bethany Church or to help you find your way.

How should I dress?

Bethany Church doesn’t have a dress code, so you’ll see all styles of dress at Bethany, which means you should feel comfortable regardless of your attire. Come dressed as you like in a suit or in jeans.

What do I do with my children?

Bethany Church is a great place for kids of all ages. We have an amazing team of children’s workers ready to minister to your kids from birth to 5th grade. Our children’s and nursery classes have been developed with your child’s security — and your peace of mind — at the forefront, which is why we do background checks on every person ministering or teaching in our children’s departments. Your children will be cared for and taught by loving, trained volunteers in a secure environment. Please contact for ways that your kids through 5th grade can be involved at Bethany.

What is the service like?

A typical service at Bethany lasts about an hour and forty-five minutes. The praise and worship is contemporary in style, and the messages are practical and life-changing. We don’t believe church should be boring, so we include multimedia elements in most services. Please make yourself at home and participate as you feel comfortable.