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Northern Asia

Project Highlight: The Oasis Center

"Lord, continually reawaken my wonder."

The Oasis Center does not simply believe in physical freedom for the women and children. God restores, body, mind, and spirit. Their ministry in partnership with Project Rescue consists of 3 distinct aspects of ministry: outreach, training, and refuge: The outreach of the Oasis takes place in local red-light areas; the training center focuses on a vocational and literacy training program for exploited women; The refuge is a safe home for survivors of trafficking.

God is at work in the miraculous, but God is also at work in moments often overlooked. God’s power to renew minds, transform thoughts and reorient our hearts to reflect His heart never ends. There is no other that has the power to transform a heart. Reawaken to the wonder. Jesus is alive and well and at work in more ways than we know!

POPULATION: 1,452,427,293



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