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Helping both engaged and married couples cultivate strong, loving relationships through understanding God's purpose for marriage and trusting in His word.

M3 - Marriage Mentoring Ministry

M3 provides a safe and caring environment for engaged and married couples to discover Christ-centered answers to personal struggles and relational challenges. This is not a counseling ministry. However, M3 provides a platform for healthy dialogue, self-discovery, and growth for couples who desire God's best for their relationships. 



Engaged and newlywed couples who are preparing for marriage. Mentors can help these couples build a solid foundation by helping them navigate through the critical first years when a couple's commitment and perseverance are tested. 



Some couples are experiencing various types of distress. This precarious stage is called Repairing. These couples can benefit from a fresh perspective.



Enriching marriages that are already stable is called maximizing and serves to encourage couples who are doing well to continue moving in the right direction.

*For pre-marital counseling, please fill out one of the above wedding forms.

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