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Global Missions. Local Church Expansion. Future Leaders.

What is Kingdom Builders?

2 Corinthians 8:1-3 - "And now, brothers and sisters, we want you to know about the grace that God has given the Macedonian churches. In the midst of a very severe trial, their overflowing joy, and their extreme poverty welled up in rich generosity. For I testify that they gave as much as they were able, and even beyond their ability."

Through Kingdom Builders, we support key missions projects such as providing vehicles and humanitarian aid, church planting, resources, and pastoral development. Everyone, in every nation, deserves a chance to hear the Gospel.

Kingdom Builders is committed to funding the growth of the church locally through expanding our own campuses, planting life-giving, Spirit-filled churches in our communities, and ministering to the hurting in our own backyards. We do not do this for comfort, fancy buildings, or praise, but for the purpose of making a space for those not yet here to personally know a loving, Heavenly Father.

Kingdom Builders believes in coming alongside our future Christian leaders to foster a love for the Bible, God, and the lost. Our Kingdom Builders partnerships work with organizations that care for the physical and spiritual needs of our future leaders from birth through those beginning their careers. We want the next generation to serve, give, and love more.

2022 projects

Ability Tree, Activate International, Acts 2 Journey, Africa’s Children, Africa’s Hope, AG New U.S. Missionaries Senders Fund, AG Trust, AGUSM, AMA Aged Ministers Assistance, AGWM Bridge the Gap, AGWM Center for Global Reach, AGWM International Ministries, AGWM Southern Africa Outreach, AGWM Urgent Projects, Albania, Al Fadi Bible Study Videos, Allies, Andrew Van Zyl Global Prayer Alliance, Antigua, Argentina, Armenia, Armenia Bible College, Arrow Family Ministries, Asia Pacific, Asia Pacific Board of Regents, Asia Pacific Media, Asia Unreached, Backyard Orphans, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bethany Medical Missions, Bible Engagement Project, Bolivia, Botswanna, Brazil, Bridging the Gap Urban Outreach, Builders International (Bahamas Project, Children’s Home - Chile, Continental Theological Seminary, Honduras Bible Institute, Kings Castle Project, Suffering Church Project), Business as Mission (BAM), Calcutta Mercy Ministries, Cambodia, Central Asia Theological Institue Kazakhstan, Chi Alpha Campus Ministries, Church Multiplication Network (CMN), CIS Bible Schools Soviet Union, City Relief, CityServe, Colombia, Compassion Link, Continental Theological Seminary, Convoy of Hope, Cuba, Cypress, Dream Center, El Refuge Urban Ministry Center, Elite Teams, Eurasia Northwest, Faces of Eurasia, Fiji, Fiji Volcanos, Fire Bible, Fire Bible Difference Makers, Fire Bible Poland, First Choice Womens Resource Center, Germany, Global Initiatives Reaching Muslim Peoples, Global University (Arab World, Burma Bible College, Central Asia Theological Institute, Chinese Bible College, Cuba, Communications, European S.O.M., India College of Ministry, International Chinese Bible College, Iran Bible School, Prison Ministry, Spanish Graduate School, Upper Room Institute, Vietnamese Bible), Greg Hubbard Ministries, Honduras, iHeart Cafe, India, Indonesia, Inspire Sports Camp, International Media Ministries, ISMK - AGWM Ministry to Missionary Kids, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jesus for Muslims, John Bosman Spirit Wind, KB Future Leaders, Kazakhstan, Kings Castle - El Salvador, LA Dream Center, Life Publishers Italy, Life Skills Program Vietnam, Light for the Lost, Lighthouse Pregnancy Center, Live Dead Projects (Live Dead Arab World, Live Dead Africa, Live Dead India – Common Table, Live Dead Iran, Live Dead Origins, Live Dead Silk Road, Live Dead Southern Asia), Madagascar, Maranatha Village, Market Street Mission, Masters Cup Vietnam, Mercy Ships, Mexico, Mikel French Russia Crusades, Mongolia, Morocco, Mozambique, Myanmar, Namibia, Network 211, New Jersey CRU, New Zealand, Nicaragua, NJMN Church Planting, NJMN Thrive Fund, Northern Asia, Oman, Oral Learner’s Bible Institute, Pakistan, Panama, Paterson Church Plant, Peru, Pioneer Bible Translators, Pioneer Europe, Project Rescue, Project Rescue Oasis Project Bangladesh, Scotland, Servant’s Heart Ministry, Sicomac Fire Department, SOLID Foundation, South Africa, Spain, Speed the Light (STL), Star of Hope, Street Life Ministries, Street2Street, Tanzania, Teen Challenge Netherlands, Teen Challenge NJ, Thailand, Thailand Children’s Home, The Neighborliness Center, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, Ukraine Relief, United Kingdom, University of Valley Forge, Upper90, Uruguay, US Missions, Vietnam, Vietnam Orphanage Project, Walter Hoving Home, Wales, Wanaque Police, Warriors Journey, WorldServe, Wyckoff Fire Department, Wycliffe Bible Translators, YouCanFreeUs, Young Life Banquet, YWAM

How do I become a Kingdom Builder?

Kingdom Builders is a plan for giving to God’s work in addition to your regular tithes and offerings. A tithe is the

one-tenth of your income that belongs to God. Offerings are your gifts above your tithes. Together, the tithes and offerings provide for the operational needs of the local church.

Kingdom Builders giving goes a step beyond tithes and offerings: it is trusting God for funds to give toward

reaching the world with the gospel.

Kingdom Builders giving stretches the faith of the giver past its current boundaries.

   – You should fill out a new Kingdom Builders Card every year.
  – Believe God to increase your Kingdom Builders giving every year.

Please click below for more information or to submit a Kingdom Builders Faith Promise online.
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